Ruger American Rifle Review

The Ruger American Rifle is available in 22-250, .223/5.56, .243 Win, .270 Win, 7 mm-08 Rem,30-06 Sprg, and .308 Win. The rifle is 42″ long over all with a 22″fully free-floated barrel. Each rifle has a synthetic stock, a fully adjustable trigger, a 3-lug bolt with a 70° throw, and a flush-fit rotary magazine that holds either 4 or 5 rounds depending on caliber. You can get the rifle for both right and left-handed shooters.

The Ruger American Rifle in .308

The Rifle

The rifle in our review is the .308 Win version of the American Rifle that was a Christmas present for my wife. The MSRP for the Ruger American Rifle is $499, we found that the average price was $439 and we were able to get ours for $399. The rifle is light weight, 6 pounds loaded, compact, and easy to handle. The rifle has short, picatiny type bases already mounted to accept your choice of scope. We added a 6″-9″ Blackhawk bi-pod for added stability when shooting from the prone.

The Scope

We mounted a Center Point Mil-Dot 4-16 x 42 scope with illuminated reticle (red and green) using the included bases and after bore sighting we zeroed the scope to 150 meters (164 yards) using 147 grain .308 Win Match Grade ammo.


For our test shots we used 147 grain . 308 Win FMJBT Non-Match Grade ammo. For our targets we used 18″ x 12″ silhouette targets placed at 150 (164 yards), 200 (218 yards), 250 (273 yards), and 500 meters (546 yards). My wife fired 3 shots each at the 150, 200, and 250 meter targets using center mass as her aiming point in fairly quick succession. After firing her last shot at the 250 meter target we let the weapon completely cool before firing at the 500 meter target.

500 Meter Shots

500 meter target using full zoom on a 50-200 lens.

Once the weapon had cooled completely my wife got behind the scope and took aim at the 500 meter target. She fired 3 times allowing the weapon to cool for 20-30 minutes between shots. She was able to score 2 hits a little low and 1 a little high but all inside the scoring rings of the silhouette without too much trouble.

3 hits at 500 meters in the “Kill Zone” of the silhouette.

This was the first time she had shot a target this far out, she was so stoked she was able to place those three shots she ended up firing a few more.



The Ruger American Rifle is a great low-cost, accurate, little rifle. It is more than capable of hitting targets at 500 meters and beyond with the right shooter. The only drawbacks we found with the rifle is the comb is a bit low and won’t allow for a proper cheek weld and alignment with the scope and the cost of spare magazines, at $39.95 from Ruger they are a bit pricey for a thin, injection molded magazine.. The addition of a Voodoo Tactical Cheek Rest solved the comb problem quickly. A search found the magazines for $26.64 through Bud’s Gun Shop, though they don’t seem to be in stock much.

I would highly recommend this rifle to anyone on a budget looking for an accurate big game or sniper rifle, despite the comb and magazine issues this is one good little rifle.

Thanks for reading and I loo forward to seeing your comments! As always, Train to Survive!